Subject: Re: lang/guile update to 1.8.1
To: Greg Troxel <>
From: Dan McMahill <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 06/11/2007 22:58:45
Greg Troxel wrote:

> Does your guile 1.8.1 package work with slib?  If it does, it might be
> better (given limited cycles) to skip step (2) of your plan and then
> point whatever fails back at guile16.  This breaks the build of some
> packages briefly but gets us forward faster.  guile 1.8 has been out for
> a long time, so an upstream package that doesn't work with it is crufty.
> The only package that I know of (that isn't partially dead anyway) that
> I expect to have trouble is guile-pg, because it depends on guile 1.4
> compat code in 1.6 that I think has been removed in 1.8.

I've updated lang/guile to 1.8.1 and pointed
  devel/guile-lib databases/guile-pg misc/siag textproc/tex2page all at 
lang/guile16.  These were pkgs which directly depend on guile but failed 
to build for me in a "guile pkgs" bulk build.  The problems may be 
unrelated to the 1.8.1 update but I didn't want this update to drag on 
for 2 more months.

I'm kicking off another guile-specific bulk build to see if the build 
problems at least seem better.  If anyone sees other problems with the 
guile pkgs working, please file a pr and also include the problem is 
guile 1.8.x vs 1.6.x if possible.