Subject: Re: python24-2.4.4 needs privileges to "make clean"
To: Adrian Portelli <>
From: Roland Illig <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 06/09/2007 22:57:33
Adrian Portelli wrote:
> Christoph Badura wrote:
>>After the update to 2.4.4 lang/python the work dir can't be cleaned as
>>unprivileged user anymore:
>>===> Cleaning for python24-2.4.4
>>rm: /m/pkgobj/lang/python24/work.i386/Python-2.4.4/Lib/plat-netbsd3/regen: Permi
>>ssion denied
>>rm: /m/pkgobj/lang/python24/work.i386/Python-2.4.4/Lib/plat-netbsd3/ Permi
>>ssion denied
>>rm: /m/pkgobj/lang/python24/work.i386/Python-2.4.4/Lib/plat-netbsd3: Directory n
>>ot empty
>>rm: /m/pkgobj/lang/python24/work.i386/Python-2.4.4/Lib: Directory not empty
>>rm: /m/pkgobj/lang/python24/work.i386/Python-2.4.4: Directory not empty
>>rm: /m/pkgobj/lang/python24/work.i386: Directory not empty
>>*** Error code 1
> Hi Chris,
> There are a few packages like this and Python has been like that for a
> while (maybe not 2.4 but I definitely have seen it when building Python
> myself in the past).  There are also other packages that need to be the
> superuser to build.  I think it would be nice to fix this in some
> 'global' way as I don't believe it is possible to fix all the packages
> that do this on an individual basis.
> We could add something like a NEED_PRIV_CLEAN directive to the Makefile
> and when this is set require that the 'clean' target be done as the
> superuser.  Just a thought.

It is currently called _MAKE_CLEAN_AS_ROOT. Please ask Joerg whether he 
wants to make that (currently internal) variable public. But I guess the 
response will be:

<joerg>We don't need that at all. I'm currently working on making it go 
away, so it must die anyway. Please don't make any changes right