Subject: lang/guile update to 1.8.1
To: None <>
From: Dan McMahill <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 06/03/2007 20:29:04

I'd like to get lang/guile updated to 1.8.1.  Since quite a few packages 
depend on guile and it is not clear how many are or are not using 
features which may have gone away I'd like to propose the following 
upgrade path:

1)  import lang/guile16 which is guile-1.6.x installed in 
${LOCALBASE}/guile/1.6/ like how lang/guile14 is done now.

2)  blindly point all the packages which currently use guile to 
lang/guile16 and bump their PKGREVISIONS.

3)  update lang/guile to 1.8.1.

4)  ask maintainers of the packages touched in #2 to migrate back to 
lang/guile where possible.

I already have a working lang/guile16 and lang/guile with 1.8.1.  I have 
not worked on step #2 yet as I wanted to see if there are any objections 
or suggestions for a better course of action.  I will not be able to 
handle #4 alone.  I don't use most of those packages and my computer is 
too old and slow to even do a good job of just compile testing via a 
bulk build.

I'd like to do this soon as I'm starting to see some packages which 
require guile >= 1.8.0.