Subject: OWN_DIRS_PERMS gives wrong perms
To: None <>
From: Amitai Schlair <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 05/06/2007 19:29:20

I'm working on an update to mail/roundcube. While I'm at it, I'm  
trying to pull a few pkgsrc strings in order to avoid the software  
modifying ${PREFIX} at runtime. For instance, instead of writing logs  
under ${PREFIX}/share/roundcube/logs, I want them to go under $ 

OWN_DIRS_PERMS+= ${VARBASE}/log/roundcube ${APACHE_USER} $ 

The directory gets created with the proper owner and group, but mode  

drw-r--r--   3 www  www  102 May  6 19:24 /var/log/roundcube

And this is warned about at install time:

The following directories are used by roundcube-20070502 and
have the wrong ownership and/or permissions:

         /var/log/roundcube (m=0755, o=www, g=www)


Any ideas what I might be doing wrong? Here's my working (which is to  
say, non-working) diff:


- Amitai