Subject: Upcoming PHP/PEAR changes
To: None <>
From: Adrian Portelli <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 04/23/2007 13:38:22

I've come up with a set of diffs that change the way PHP and PEAR work.
 Basically the changes will mean that PEAR will no longer be installed
as a part of PHP{4,5} packages.  Instead, PEAR will now live as a
separate package under lang/pear.  All this is documented in the
appropriate MESSAGEs for the PHP{4,5} packages.

This gives us a little more flexibility when dealing with PEAR packages
in that if there are any security issues with PEAR they can be dealt
with separately.  In addition to this if someone wants to import a PEAR
package that requires a version of PEAR that's later than the one
distributed with PHP{4,5} we can deal with this as well.

If you have your own custom PEAR packages in local installs all you
should need to do is rebuild them so they pick up the modified
dependencies.  For anyone thinking of importing PEAR packages into
pkgsrc this makes no changes from the way it is currently done.  All the
necessary magic will be in which currently needs to be included

The only other change you may notice is that the default include_path of
php will be "." only as opposed to ".:/usr/pkg/lib/php" which it is now.
 You can modify your include_path in your php.ini if you still want
/usr/pkg/lib/php in your include_path.

There will be a bump of all PEAR packages (15-20 or so) to pick up the
new dependencies as a result of this patch as well as some small changes
to the PHP{4,5} packages themselves.

If anyone has any objections/comments please let me know, otherwise I'd
like to import the changes in the next week or so.

You can get the changes from here: