Subject: pkgsrc on Tru64 fixes
To: None <>
From: Rumi Szabolcs <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 04/12/2007 20:18:54

Thanks for the recent fixes for some of the PRs I reported on Tru64
a while ago.

I have to apologize because these days I simply haven't had the time
to test pkgsrc further on Tru64, this is why I failed to provide
feedback on some of the bugs I reported. The 21164A box I've got
here with Tru64 is quite slow when it comes to a compilation of
larger packages like gcc, libc, x11, gnome or similar so I really
have to allocate several days for this type of testing and hacking
in order to find and meaningfully report a number of bugs, but
since quite a long time now I've been simply too busy for that.
I hope that some other enthusiasts can also help testing pkgsrc on
this platform until I can allocate some free time to play around
with that again.

Pkgsrc would be a nice way to make a Tru64, Solaris, IRIX,
AIX, or HP-UX box more maintainable and more up-to-date using
free software. The binary opensource packages those vendors
(and/or communities) provide are often not as up-to-date and not
as convenient as pkgsrc. I believe pkgsrc could drastically reduce
the TCO of these operating systems in cases where they are not
or not exclusively used to run large proprietary software packages.
This could maybe also raise some interest for NetBSD itself in
those communities as pkgsrc clearly comes from NetBSD and some
of those hardware platforms are supported.

I've been trying to put some effort in Tru64 because the vendor
provided opensource library is worse than that of other unices,
and I have to admit I personally like former DEC products like
Alpha and VAX a bit better than others for some weird reason ;)

I'd gladly appreciate any comments on these thoughts.

Thank you!