Subject: lang/perl5 and perllink, and using perl in package builds
To: NetBSD Packages Technical Discussion List <>
From: Greg A. Woods <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 03/28/2007 16:28:08
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So, I have been looking at some issues I've been having with more recent
lang/perl5 (perl-5.8.8nb4) and packages that use perl to build and I've
finally discovered that there's this new "perllink" script that puts
links for things that used to be in more "normal" places, such as h2ph
and perldoc, both of which are used during the build of other packages.

Unfortunately when I did a "make update" in lang/perl5 on the machine
having the issues it seems "perllink" wasn't run.   Sadly I don't have
output generated by "make update".  There were a few other perl-using
packages that were not re-installed by the "make update" either,
including graphics/cdlabelgen.

(It did run on other machines where perl was installed during a pkg_chk
run, both from source and from binary packages.)

Perllink seems like too much rope, especially to rely upon inside pkgsrc
itself.  Why don't packages which use perl use something like
${PERL5_INSTALLSCRIPT} to find tools like h2ph (e.g. p5-perl-headers)
and perldoc (e.g. cdlabelgen).

Also, shouldn't packages that use things like h2ph or perldoc during
their builds also have, or is this implied by the run-time dependency:

	USE_TOOLS+=3D	perl:build

						Greg A. Woods

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