Subject: new make target: show-all
To: NetBSD Packages Technical Discussion List <>
From: Roland Illig <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 03/21/2007 14:46:08

when developing pkgsrc packages, do you sometimes use the show-var 
target? Or even show-vars? With always the same variable names? There is 
now a simpler way, especially for interactive use: The show-all target.


$ cd $PKGSRCDIR/pkgtools/pkglint
$ bmake show-all

   usr   CONFIG_SHELL_FLAGS (defined, but empty)
   pkg   CONFIG_SHELL = /bin/sh
   pkg   CONFIGURE_SCRIPT = ./configure
   pkg   CONFIGURE_ARGS (defined, but empty)
   pkg   OVERRIDE_GNU_CONFIG_SCRIPTS (undefined)
   pkg   HAS_CONFIGURE (undefined)
   pkg   GNU_CONFIGURE (undefined)
   pkg   PKGCONFIG_OVERRIDE (undefined)
   pkg   USE_PKGLOCALEDIR (undefined)

This new target shows the public pkgsrc variables, reasonably grouped, 
together with their values and which part of pkgsrc may set the 
variable's value ("usr" for the pkgsrc user in mk.conf, "pkg" for the 
package, and "sys" for the pkgsrc infrastructure).

If you are just interested in one group of variables, you can also 
invoke the show-all-configure target; similar for the other groups.

I hope you'll like it.