Subject: Re: how to add dependency on ar?
To: Packages Technical List NetBSD Discussion <>
From: Georg Schwarz <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 12/24/2006 03:05:13
Am 23.12.2006 um 20:05 schrieb Klaus Heinz:

> Georg Schwarz wrote:
>> libiconv needs ar to compile. If ar is not found the configure script
>> sets AR=false, and building later fails (tried it on Solaris 7  
>> with gcc)
> Do you have /usr/ccs/bin in your PATH?

no, I didn't; that's what caused the issue. I solved it with the  
following lines in my mk.conf:      /usr/ccs/bin/ar
TOOLS_PLATFORM.ranlib=  /usr/ccs/bin/ranlib
USE_TOOLS+=             ar ranlib

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