Subject: Further tests on x11 7.2.0
To: Jeremy C. Reed <>
From: Vincent <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 12/17/2006 10:20:35
Jeremy C. Reed a écrit :

> xorg-server- is the latest version for Xorg 7.2 release 
> candidate.

It works fine on my machine too. There is, as far as I can remember, 
because I didn't note it, a compiling error, due to the fact that 
"u_long" type is not defined unless _NETBSD_SOURCE is defined too. That 
happens while a C file includes unistd.h that prototypes some functions 
with u_long, u_short, etc.

Otherwise, I stepped to libX11 1.1.1 with underlying xcb 1.0. Works 
okay, no problem or otherwise strange effects as far. Just a compiling 
fault because of a AI_something flag somewhere in a getaddress variable; 
that flag does not exist under NetBSD; needs only being removed in order 
to fix the bug.

1.2.99 cannot be compiled properly. A WSKbd and a PostEvent function 
have been removed out of xf86Events.c to be glued into some external xkb 
library, but I could not locate that library at this time. Since the 
source code is older than, I guess this is pendung work while 
the 7.2 is in the final release process.