Subject: Re: minor improvements in bulk build
To: None <>
From: Jan Schaumann <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 11/19/2006 20:10:07
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Roland Illig <> wrote:

> >Does that look ok?  I haven't completed a bulk-build with this patch
> >yet, but I do have one running, and it hasn't bailed out yet. ;-)
> >
> >... ${FIND} . -type f -newer ... -name ./work -or ...
> You should write
>     find ! \( -name "work*" -or ... \)
> instead. The ''name'' is only the basename, so it won't ever include a=20
> slash. Also, on my machine, the working directory is called work.bacc,=20
> not work alone.

Yeah, I noticed that, too.  The current implementation doesn't pay
attention to whatever the user may have set the WRKDIR variable to.
This should probably be

${FIND} ... ! \( -name "${WRKDIR}" -or ... \)

> >nnewfiles=3D"`echo ${newfiles} | ${WC} -w`"
> You can easily support white-space in filenames by writing
>     nnewfiles=3D`${ECHO} "$$newfiles" | ${WC} -w`

wc(1) would still count any file within $$newfiles that contains a
whitespace as two separate words, no?

$ echo "foo bar" "baz" | wc -w

> 2. I used $$newfiles instead of ${newfiles}, as you probably
>    meant the shell variable, not the make(1) variable.

Yes, thanks!

> >${FIND} ${PKG_DBDIR} -maxdepth 1 -type d ! -name '.' -print
> This won't work on IRIX and some other platforms:
> $ /usr/bin/find . -maxdepth 3
> -maxdepth: bad option
> Usage: find path-list predicate-list

Bah, stupid IRIX.

${FIND} ${PKG_DBDIR} -type d ! -name '.' -prune -print



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