Subject: X11_TYPE=modular and no X11BASE
To: None <>
From: Jeremy C. Reed <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 11/08/2006 20:02:01
Few questions:

1) I set X11_TYPE to modular and building new x11/libXrender failed with:
  ===> Creating toolchain wrappers for libXrender-0.9.2
  Syntax error: word unexpected (expecting ")")
  *** Error code 2

I saw that X11BASE was not defined. I set it to /usr/pkg and that error 
went away.

Previously I was using in

+.if defined(X11_TYPE) && !empty(X11_TYPE:Mmodular-xorg)
+X11BASE?=              ${LOCALBASE}

Any plan to do that for "modular"?

2) Also, I see that some packages do not work with "modular" until they 
are updated. For my modular-xorg I made work with that 
and just suck in my entire modular-xorg metapackage. That worked great for 
many packages for me.

Any plan to do something like that? Or will we just update one package at 
a time? (I am asking because I have updates for wm/jwm and editors/lyx-qt 
to commit.)

3) Also I noticed that libXpm and xpm are in different categories and 
libXft and Xft2 are in different categories? Was that an oversite -- or 
will they be moved to graphics and fonts respectively?

Thanks again for your work on this. I've been using most of these modular 
components using pkgsrc build system for over a couple years now and so it 
is good to see they are finally becoming part of official pkgsrc.

Take care,

Jeremy C. Reed