Subject: Re: package categories
To: None <>
From: Peter Schuller <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 11/07/2006 09:43:52
> Definitely easier than "impossible" -- I only used that word with
> hope someone would take it as a challenge. Bug-free "tool suppport
> for renamed packgaes" would be tough, and probably not worth the
> effort. So, I agree, given dependency issues, probably best to
> keep packages, which have dependencies, where they are.

I should mention btw that renamed packages are handled without
difficulty by pkgmanager; not by explicitly supporting renames but by
the fundamental way in which updates are performed (based on a list of
packages wanted by the user, and the dependency chains is traversed
from there).

The only kink is that in the case of a re-name the packages built from
the old location will be removed as the first step in the upgrade
procedure, thus defeating part of the purpose of using pkgmanager to
begin with (in-place upgrades).

/ Peter Schuller, InfiDyne Technologies HB

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