Subject: Re: security/libgpg-error fails on Solaris
To: None <>
From: Ulrich Habel <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 11/04/2006 20:04:03
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Hej Raymond,

> Well if you're building with Sun Studio compilers, GCC compilers should b=
e out
> of the equation. The problem is Sun cpp is not in your path, e.g.
> [raymond@ultra10] which cpp
> /usr/ccs/lib/cpp

ouch, ouch, ouch - I checked my environment and you are right. Due to a
typo /usr/ccs/lib wasn't in my path. The Sun Studio compilers install
into /opt/SUNWspro. As a lot of packages built out of the box it wasnt
suspect to me. Those packages which didnt build suggested a "USE...", I
included it in the Makefile and they worked instantly.

After correcting my PATH environment the configure phase ran
successfully and finished with the 2 warnings:

WARNING: *** Please consider adding USE_LANGUAGES+=3Dc++ to the package
WARNING: *** Please consider adding USE_LANGUAGES+=3Dfortran to the
package Makefile.

> Why configure script thinks that using 'cpp' over 'cc -E' is preferable, =
> another question. I think most configure scripts would test if 'cc -E' wo=
> and then use that instead of invoking 'cpp'.

As far as I see alot of packages have the option "USE_L.." these days now.
I thought these are the packages which have been forgotten.

So, thanks for your help and I think it's time for a docmentation addon
patch, not for a Makefile patch.


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