Subject: Re: Replacing Linux but...
To: Ron Smith <>
From: Jeremy C. Reed <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 09/03/2006 01:04:37
> I'd like to be able to replace the Linux (Ubuntu
> distro) notebook I use at work with NetBSD. There's
> one aspect of a switch-over I'm not sure of though. I
> need to replace certain tools I'm using in Linux with
> something simular in NetBSD.
> I need to log in to a remote desktop. I'm using
> "remotedesktop", in Linux, for that. I need
> interconnectivity with an Exchange server. I'm using
> Mozilla/Thunderbird for that. I have to run "gaim", or
> something like it. I also run "apache-perl" (a
> mod_perl) varient for CGI development. I also use
> "screen" a lot.
> I noticed "screen" mentioned in README.i386pkg, but
> what about the other stuff? Are they suppoerted by
> NetBSD?

They are all available.

I use rdesktop and gaim under NetBSD. And screen (also see "window") and 
mozilla and thunderbird and mod_perl (see ap-perl and ap2-perl) are

What is the URL for the "apache-perl" (a mod_perl) variant?

Have fun with NetBSD. You may want to use the netbsd-help or pkgsrc-users 
lists for more assistance (as this list is for technical discussions about 
the pkgsrc infrastructure and not a general help channel).