To: Brook Milligan <>
From: Roland Illig <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 08/29/2006 22:42:53
Brook Milligan wrote:
> Julio M. Merino Vidal writes:
>  > The correct name is BUILDLINK_PREFIX.*, not PKG_PREFIX.*.
> Oops.  My mistake.  Nevertheless, even this command yields nothing.
>        cd devel/bison
>        make show-var PKG_PHASE=wrapper VARNAME=BUILDLINK_PREFIX.gettext-lib
> Now what?  Could someone verify this observation, please.
> Note that I am using the pkgsrc-2006Q2 version.  What this all
> reorganized since?

There have been some changes right before the 2006Q2 branch. Currently 
the Right Way to query the variable is:

     make show-var VARNAME=BUILDLINK_PREFIX.gettext _PKGSRC_BARRIER=yes

Note that the package name is "gettext", not "gettext-lib". The name is 
defined in the devel/gettext-lib/ file, in the line that 
starts with "BUILDLINK_PACKAGES+=".

Second, PKG_PHASE has been removed and replaced with another thing, 
called "barriers".