Subject: Re: pkgsrc bootstrap kit for Solaris 10?
To: Raymond Meyer <>
From: Malcolm Herbert <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 08/21/2006 23:13:03
On Mon, Aug 21, 2006 at 01:48:45PM +0100, Raymond Meyer wrote:
|Malcolm Herbert <> wrote:
|> Is there any particular benefit in running the native Sun compiler
|> any more? I thought so initially however work colleague says that
|> the Sun packaged gcc has been retro-fitted with the Sun code
|> optimisations and therefore code produced by it isn't as different in
|> performance as it has been in the past ... is that the case? I have
|> been able to do _something_ with gcc before today so may yet be able
|> to use it ...
|Sun compilers produce faster executables on SPARC architecture. I
|reluctantly use GCC and only for those packages that have sloppy C/C++
|code and don't compile with anything but GCC.

hmmm ... interesting ...

|In regard to your package builds hanging, I don't know what might be
|causing it. I would suggest using the latest snapshot of pkgsrc, also
|try putting the following in your mk.conf file:

I will try that tomorrow when I get in to work ... thanks

I'm currently using a machine jumpstarted as a normal workstation and it
includes a lot of stuff I don't want and probably gets in the way ...
old versions of SUNWspro and many many SFW packages which confuse the

Ultimately I'd like to create an environment similar to that which I use
on my home NetBSD machine - a chroot build environment which contains a
basic OS install plus compilers and the pkgsrc tree and no more. This
works really well I've found and I'm thinking something similar under
Solaris would be a Good Thing too ...

I'm not entirely sure how to go about creating it, but I'm guessing it
would be something like a JumpStart mini-root setup. Alternately I
can do a basic install from DVD onto a spare disk and then chroot into
that from the running system to do the builds ... stuff to think on
anyway ... :)

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