Subject: CA certificates missing for Evolution-2.6?
To: None <>
From: walt <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 08/05/2006 15:56:59
Hi Rene et al,

When I use Evolution to connect to my IMAP/SSL email server, I always
get an error message saying that the signature is bad on the IMAP
server's certificate.

By comparing my FreeBSD machine with my NetBSD machine I finally figured
out that the reason is that Evolution on NetBSD can't find any CA certs.

When I navigate to Edit:Preferences:Certificates:Authorities I get a
completely blank page, as compared to FreeBSD and Linux where the list
is populated with dozens of CA's.

After I imported the appropriate CA certificate for (my
IMAP provider) then the error message disappeared.

Is there a reserved location on NetBSD for CA certificates, and where
do the certificates come from?