Subject: Re: CVS commit: pkgsrc/net/tnftp
To: None <>
From: Gilles Dauphin <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 07/27/2006 14:53:03
> From: "Greg A. Woods" <>
> It's just a fact that many people simply do not want to waste even a few
> bytes on any online documentation or tools to manage such documents.
> > I strongly wish to have the bmake manual online. My mind is too small
> > when want to recall all debug option of bmake.
> Well if you rely on the one target system you're bootstrapping packages
> from source onto for all of your documentation needs then you might want
> to think about scrounging together the parts to build a small
> development host system where you can run native NetBSD and where you
> can install all the online documentation and tools you could ever
> imagine needing.  :-)

Please read 'About pkgsrc':
"It is used to enable freely available software to be configured and built 
easily on supported platforms."

I understand Solaris is a part of supported plateforms.
From my point of view "easily" is not very easy for Solaris (and other) people.
I understand lot of BSDish people work (hard) on pkgsrc and love there systems.
I understand where pkgsrc come from and sometime I doubt where it goes.
But I keep in mind "All supported plateforms".
The concept (easy, many plateforms, number of packages, free) sound like good
for me. Please stay on this way. (maybe it miss a word: reliable)

Pkgsrc is a (super) tools for me, and most of tools i installed have man
and docs. I'll like to think pkgsrc is enought good for that.
In the past, i think, i send a Solaris and pkgsrc patch for Solaris manpage, 
(enabling solaris mandoc -bsd style man-).
I use this pkgsrc project for student, and sometime students work 
with (for!) me.
My life will be esayer if students have on-line docs and don't ask where are 
they. :)