Subject: Re: Building MesaLib in Solaris
To: Mark Davies <>
From: Skylar Thompson <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 07/24/2006 19:38:41
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Mark Davies wrote:
> On Tuesday 25 July 2006 12:53, Raymond Meyer wrote:
>  =20
>>> I've checked for in the build tree and the rest of the
>>> filesystem, and I don't see it anywhere.
>>>      =20
>> This has been broken for a long time. It only fails on x86 Solaris, on=

>> Sparc Solaris MesaLib builds fine. I think you should also ask on Mesa=
>> forum/mailing list, since those people would know better how to fix it=
=2E It
>> seems like a problem with autoconf/automake or something like that.
>>    =20
> What compiler?  64bit or 32bit?  I have MesaLib  building on Solaris 10=
> for all of:
> 	gcc3 32bit
> 	gcc3 64bit
> 	sunpro 32bit
> 	sunpro 64bit
> but I don't remember at the moment if I had to fix something else befor=
e that=20
> happened.  If you give me some context of your setup it might jog a mem=
> for me.
>  =20

This is with SunPro 5.8 64bit on an Ultra 20 (Opteron) platform.

-- Skylar Thompson (

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