Subject: fixing "don't know how to make replace-interpreter" problems
To: None <>
From: Julian C. Dunn <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 07/18/2006 21:57:05
I was trying to work on updating amavisd-new to a newer version, and it
looks like some recent changes have broken REPLACE_PERL and the like. I
nailed it down to the commit of version 1.1858 of which
"moves configure, build, test and wrapper phases out of
and into their own directories".

My question is, how do I correctly use these new wrappers? Should I simply

.include "../../mk/configure/"

or is there a better way? I'm sorry I haven't been following the traffic
on tech-pkg so I don't know if this was discussed and I just missed it.

- Julian

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