Subject: Re: Refactoring "install" and "package" phases
To: None <>
From: Aleksey Cheusov <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 07/03/2006 13:33:58
> I'm about to embark on a project I had mentioned briefly to some folks
> while at pkgsrcCon this year -- I am going to split out the variables
> and targets associated with the "install" and "package" phases from
> into their own modules, e.g. bsd.pkg.{install,package}.mk.
> In my mind, pkgsrc does two
> separate and distinct things, even though we just call the whole thing
> "pkgsrc" -- pkgsrc is a system to build software, and pkgsrc is a
> system to manage software.
Before you or someone else adopt pkgsrc to make .deb or .rpm or
whatever: what about adopting pkgsrc to make several packages for a
single build process, for example,
multimedia/mplayer -> mplayer & mencoder packages.

IMHO this ability is very convenient, especially for large projects
like programming languages. For me, including
../../somewhere/common_dir/Makefile.common looks very strange.

>  I would like to leverage our strength in
> making software build on lots of different platforms, and then allow
> installing and packaging software in the platform's "native" package
> format.  For example, this would be "SVR4 package format" on Solaris,
> or RPM on Red Hat and SuSE, and of course,

Best regards, Aleksey Cheusov.