Subject: remove www/mozilla* packages before 2006Q2?
To: None <>
From: Geert Hendrickx <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 06/07/2006 19:00:12

I already mentioned that the Mozilla Suite has officially been EOL'd a while
ago[1], in favor of the firefox/thunderbird combo (or the seamonkey community
project, for those who prefer the suite).  I've been using seamonkey on daily
basis ever since its first release, and it Works Fine for me.  And firefox/
thunderbird probably don't need any further advocacy.  Additionally, I've
packaged the (premature) "sunbird" (standalone calendar) project under
pkgsrc/time/sunbird*.  So enough alternatives.  

Now, www/mozilla* is bitrotting.  The first security vulnerabilities (secunia
20256) and build problems (PR pkg/33647) are popping up.  So the question is:
how long do we (pkgsrc) want to keep supporting/patching the mozilla packages?
Personally I'd like to seem them gone before pksgsrc-2006Q2...  

But: other mozilla-based packages are sharing common bits under www/mozilla
and www/mozilla-bin.  Shall we keep those dirs (maybe with a short MESSAGE
pointing to firefox/thunderbird/seamonkey), or shall we move the common bits
elsewhere?  Alternatively, we could "drop in" the seamonkey packages in place
(as seamonkey 1.0 actually is what would have become mozilla 1.8), though that
seems confusing.  

Any thoughts?  


    I've added a similar note to www/mozilla/DESCR.