Subject: Re: Apache/PHP/Pear package naming
To: None <>
From: Johnny Lam <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 05/30/2006 17:12:41 wrote:
> as follow-up to the Apache naming, here a full patch to deal with all
> Apache, PHP and PEAR packages. They get consistent prefix (ap{13,2},
> php{4,5}, php{4,5}-pear) and the dependencies are fixed. I've also
> changed the use of PHP_VERSION_REQD to PHP_VERSIONS_ACCEPTED, since I
> want to kill the use of the former in packages to simplify specifying
> which version is wanted.

This patch looks good.

> The patch is still missing CONFLICT entries for the old names and
> removal of PKGREVISIONs and revisions bumps, but I prefer to have a
> consensus first before doing that work.

Yes, those bits will be important, but barring that your changes look fine.

> One important change should be noted: the ap-php dependency is now
> explicit for both the PHP version and the Apache version. I think that
> is semntically more correct and shouldn't alter behaviour for normal
> bulk builds. Many of those dependencies should be reviewed though, since
> some of them are definitely bogus (e.g. PHP with fastcgi would work as
> well).

We can address those issues (reviewing package for proper dependencies) 
at a later time.  Your proposed patch basically preserves the current 
dependency tree albeit with slightly different names for the packages.

Barring any objections this week, please feel free to commit it afterwards.


	-- Johnny Lam <>