Subject: Re: unreproducible dependency failure
To: None <>
From: Jukka Salmi <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 05/30/2006 19:36:45
Johnny Lam --> tech-pkg (2006-05-30 12:19:58 -0400):
> Usually, this happens because there is a stale jpeg work directory lying 
> around from a previous "make install".  What happens there is that the 
> .install_done cookie file is present, which causes "make install" in the 
> jpeg directory to be a no-op, so it instantly returns as a "success", 
> even if jpeg is not actually installed as a result.

Hmm, I was pretty sure that the whole build directory was clean. But
sine I can't reproduce the problem you're probably right ;-)

> I've added a check to my local tree that verifies the package is 
> actually installed before returning to the build of the dependent 
> package as part of the code which installs dependencies.  It should be 
> checked into the pkgsrc tree by next week.


Regards, Jukka

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