Subject: Re: unreproducible dependency failure
To: None <>
From: Johnny Lam <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 05/30/2006 12:19:58
Jukka Salmi wrote:
> during an automated build of several packages building graphics/jpeg
> failed. The log shows:
> [...]
> ===> install-depends [tiff-3.8.2nb1, gtk2+-2.8.18, gkrellm-2.2.9nb1] ===> Required package jpeg>=6bnb2: NOT found
> ===> install-depends [tiff-3.8.2nb1, gtk2+-2.8.18, gkrellm-2.2.9nb1] ===> Verifying package for ../../graphics/jpeg
> ===> do-fetch [jpeg-6bnb3, tiff-3.8.2nb1, gtk2+-2.8.18, gkrellm-2.2.9nb1] ===> Checking for vulnerabilities in jpeg-6bnb3
> ===> install-depends [tiff-3.8.2nb1, gtk2+-2.8.18, gkrellm-2.2.9nb1] ===> Returning to build of tiff-3.8.2nb1
> Huh, what happened here? Why was jpeg not built?

Usually, this happens because there is a stale jpeg work directory lying 
around from a previous "make install".  What happens there is that the 
.install_done cookie file is present, which causes "make install" in the 
jpeg directory to be a no-op, so it instantly returns as a "success", 
even if jpeg is not actually installed as a result.

I've added a check to my local tree that verifies the package is 
actually installed before returning to the build of the dependent 
package as part of the code which installs dependencies.  It should be 
checked into the pkgsrc tree by next week.


	-- Johnny Lam <>