Subject: Re: Refactoring "install" and "package" phases
To: Gavan Fantom <>
From: Johnny Lam <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 05/22/2006 09:50:48
Gavan Fantom wrote:
> Johnny C. Lam wrote:
>> Through my investigations within pkgsrc/mk, I believe that the relevant
>> parts of the package workflow which would be affected by this are
>> "install-depends", "install", and "package".  As part of my project to
>> split out "install" and "package" into separate modules, I'd like to
>> re-implement them with the idea of extending them to initially support
>> "pkgsrc" and "SVR4 package" formats.
> Do you expect to be able to fully handle the install scripts and all the
> other current magic that pkgsrc does (creating users, etc), in SVR4
> packages?

Yes, my approach is likely to be moving the +* scriptlets out of the 
meta-data directory and into a separate location that is listed in the 
PLISTs.  The INSTALL and DEINSTALL scripts would then be much simpler. 
Most of the package systems I've seen support some sort of 
install/deinstall hook, and it will involve a custom wrapper around the 
existing +* scriptlets.  I believe that most of the existing 
functionality provided by the pkginstall framework can be preserved.


	-- Johnny Lam <>