Subject: print/acroread7 suse dependencies seem not right
To: None <>
From: Greg Troxel <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 05/11/2006 17:01:00
The makefile has

DEPENDS+=	suse_gtk2>=10.0:../../emulators/${SUSE_DIR_PREFIX}_gtk2
DEPENDS+=	suse_locale>=10.0:../../emulators/${SUSE_DIR_PREFIX}_locale
DEPENDS+=	suse_compat>=10.0:../../emulators/${SUSE_DIR_PREFIX}_compat

But then these variables get expanded by SUSE_PREFER.  So the depend
on gtk2 >= 10 will cause gtk2 in the current SUSE_PREFER to get built,
and then a later build will try to build again because the installed
package doesn't satisfy the dependency.

I'm not sure what the right fix is.  Probably if 10.0 really is
required, the acroread7 Makefile should error out if PREFER_SUSE isn't
10.0 or higher.

And perhaps all the suse_foo packages should choke if PREFER_SUSE
doesn't match; it seems one can't/shouldn't mix/match.

        Greg Troxel <>