Subject: X11-related assume ${X11BASE} != ${LOCALBASE}
To: None <>
From: Jeremy C. Reed <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 05/05/2006 21:02:22
I see that x11/compositeproto/, x11/fixesproto/, 
x11/xproto/ and some other files assume ${X11BASE} != 

Some even have the comment:

# Here, we skip checking whether the files are under ${LOCALBASE} since
# we'll consider this X11 package to be built-in even if it's a part
# of one of the pkgsrc-installed X11 distributions.

In the case, where you don't have it anywhere else except from this 
package, it fails.

My workaround is like:

-      empty(H_COMPOSITEPROTO:M__nonexistent__)
+      empty(H_COMPOSITEPROTO:M__nonexistent__) && ${X11BASE} != ${LOCALBASE}

(That works for me since my X11BASE is same as my LOCALBASE.)

Is okay if I fix these like this and remove that comment?

 Jeremy C. Reed

p.s. I have a few X systems where many X11-related packages, including qt3 
and mozilla and even x11/xorg-server are built using these without any 
separate X11BASE.