Subject: Re: Selectively DISabling bin-install ?
To: Todd Vierling <>
From: Dieter Baron <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 04/26/2006 20:08:24
In article <> Todd wrote:
: On 4/25/06, Chapman Flack <> wrote:
: > Perhaps this is a way
: > the framework should behave by default when the target is
: > bin-install but the PKG_OPTIONS are nonempty.

: I would tend to agree with this:  if PKG_OPTIONS.<name> is nonempty,
: build from source; otherwise use a binpkg.

  Which kind of users do you want to help out with this?  Users that
use binary repositories on  If so, the logic should be
build from source if the computed PKG_OPTIONS differs from

:  Note that <name> is
: defined by the package Makefile and doesn't come from PKGNAME, so it
: may be best to have contain the logic to force source
: building when the variable is nonempty.

  If you use PKG_OPTIONS != PKG_SUGGESTED_OPTIONS, the logic is simple
enough to put it in (or near) bin-install.

: Now, it's arguable as to whether this change in behavior should be
: switchable on/off.  :)

  Yes, please, make it switchable off!  Users that build binary
package repository with custom options should still be able to use
them with bin-install.  Yes, they will have to take care about
rebuilding packages with changed options themselves.