Subject: Re: [IMMODEST PROPOSAL] Move xscreensaver and gnome-screensaver to games
To: <>
From: David Laight <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 04/23/2006 17:18:51
On Sat, Apr 15, 2006 at 05:01:16PM -0700, Tom Spindler wrote:
> As I use xscreensaver to actually lock my workstation (gasp!), don't
> look at the screensavers while they're running (double gasp!), and
> would be annoyed at having to look elsewhere for an obvious utility,
> moving xscreensaver to games/ would be illogical and very assy.

The 'screensaver' feature (blank screen, turn off monitor) and screenlock
(require password to restart) facilities need to be part of the (X) base.
Any animations belong elsewhere [1] ....


[1] How many old sun monitors do you have that DON'T have the sun 'life
game' 'screensaver' burnt into them ?

David Laight: