Subject: Re: [IMMODEST PROPOSAL] Move xscreensaver and gnome-screensaver to
To: None <>
From: walt <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 04/15/2006 10:27:59
Greg Troxel wrote:
> Perhaps it is that xscreensaver is part of gnome.  But that's the
> issue - it is part of the gnome desktop and thus gets built with
> gnome-base.

Yes, but I'm discovering that things have changed with Julio's
very recent porting of gnome-2.14 (thanks, Julio, good work!).

I see that gnome-screensaver and xscreensaver are two separate
entities now, and gnome-2.14 pulls in only gnome-screensaver.

If I'm reading the makefiles correctly, there is nothing which
pulls in xscreensaver automatically any more (good, IMO), and
only the full gnome metapackage pulls in gnome-screensaver,
not gnome-base AFAICT.

So this makes my life a bit easier -- I can either edit gnome-
screensaver out of the metapackage makefile, or un-install
the metapackage completely and just add back the few packages
I want.  Not so bad after all :o)