Subject: Re: mk/tools/ and fonts/fontforge
To: Adam <>
From: Johnny Lam <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 04/14/2006 10:57:37
Adam wrote:
> I have a problem with mk/tools/ and fr.po in fonts/fontforge, 
> so I had to introduce patch-ai.
> Both native NetBSD msgfmt, and the one included in gettext-tools-0.14.5 
> compile fr.po correctly, without any errors, but mk/tools/ 
> complains (redefined msgid).  Could someone, please, take a look into it?

I tried to reproduce this on my NetBSD 3.0/i386 system, but I couldn't. 
   I removed patch-ai and built the package sucessfully.  I checked the 
.work.log to make sure that the script was indeed running, and 
I didn't see anything amiss.

I've just added a new flag to so that captures the output of 
the transformation and saves it to a *.debug file.  Could you run:

	/usr/pkgsrc/mk/tools/ --debug fr.po

from within ${WRKSRC}/po and post the contents of fr.po.debug somewhere?


	-- Johnny Lam <>