Subject: Re: making modifications to source files included with pkgsrc?
To: None <>
From: Georg Schwarz <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 04/08/2006 22:26:34
Am 08.04.2006 um 20:30 schrieb Jeremy C. Reed:

> See the note in the pkgsrc/tnftp/Makefile.
> tnftp is from and that  
> is based
> on code from NetBSD itself.
> As for pax, I don't think there is a recent "autoconf" version  
> tarball.
> But the rest of the source is from NetBSD itself.
> So the correct way to update pax (and probably tnftp) is to usually  
> start
> with the latest source from NetBSD's CVS.
> src/bin/pax
> src/usr.bin/ftp

I just checked these sources. For pax the patch in question has  
already been applied by christos on Dec. 6 last year (maybe based on  
the discussion in this mailing list?), and in the mean time it is  
also present in the pkgsrc copy.

For tnftp only the files in pkgsrc/net/tnftp/files/src seem to be  
imported from the NetBSD source tree.
The ones I am thinking of modifying however are files/libnetbsd/ 
usleep.c (has an obvious syntax bug) and files/tnftp.h. (oh yes, I  
have contacted lukem about this more than once over the past couple  
of months but got no response so far).
Where are there sources kept for these?

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