Subject: Re: print/teTeX3-bin is broken
To: Mark Kirby <>
From: Jeremy C. Reed <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 04/07/2006 06:14:15
On Fri, 7 Apr 2006, Mark Kirby wrote:

> /" line 325: warning: Couldn't read shell's output for 
> "/usr/sb
> in/pkg_info -K . -qp  | /usr/bin/sed  -e "s,^[^/]*,,;q""
> pkg_info: missing package name(s)

This is caused because the package name is not recorded correctly from the 
buildlinking. (We need to have a check for it before running the pkg_info 
on it.)

This has hit me many, many times (especially since I use glibc in pkgsrc 
but haven't got around to adding a for it).

But this also can happen caused by my recent changes (from yesterday) 

It is possible (since I made over 1200 changes) that I missed one.

Can you make sure your print/teTeX3-bin/ (and all of pkgsrc) 
is up-to-date?

 Jeremy C. Reed

echo '9,J8HD,fDGG8B@?:536FC5=8@I;C5?@H5B0D@5GBIELD54DL>@8L?:5GDEJ8LDG1' |\
sed ss,s50EBsg | tr 0-M 'p.wBt SgiIlxmLhan:o,erDsduv/cyP'