Subject: Re: "libtool" generated shared objects under Mac OS X
To: None <>
From: Jed Davis <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 03/15/2006 17:19:03
Matthias Scheler <> writes:

> 	Hello,
> our "libtool" compiles shared objects to ".so" files under Mac OS X.
> But both the "pango" and the "gtk2+" package expected (before I
> patched them) ".dylib" files (which is the suffix for shared libraries
> under Mac OS X). Is that a bug in our "libtool" or in Pango and GTK+ 2.x.

Are they MH_DYLIB or MH_BUNDLE?  (file(1) should tell you.)  The
convention seems to be that the former should be named with ".dylib"
and the latter with either ".bundle" or ".so" -- apparently even
Apple-packaged software is split there.

(let ((C call-with-current-continuation)) (apply (lambda (x y) (x y)) (map
((lambda (r) ((C C) (lambda (s) (r (lambda l (apply (s s) l))))))  (lambda
(f) (lambda (l) (if (null? l) C (lambda (k) (display (car l)) ((f (cdr l))
(C k)))))))    '((#\J #\d #\D #\v #\s) (#\e #\space #\a #\i #\newline)))))