Subject: Some suggested improvements to spamass-milter rc script
To: None <>
From: Douglas Wade Needham <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 03/01/2006 12:10:06


I would like to suggest a couple of improvements to spamass-milter,
which deal specifically with the rc script.

1) The default command arguments probably should include a '-x' along
   with everything else.  The fact that aliases and the virtual user
   tables are not being used by default can be a real pain. This is
   most visible when administrator traffic is redirected via an alias to a
   different user, or especially when a large number of aliases are
   created for the user community (I tend to create a separate email
   alias whenever I sign up on some web site or join a mailing list).

   When I first started using spamass-milter, the '-x' flag was
   apparently not available.  It may be that the behaviour was
   manditory at one point and became silently optional, or spammers
   may have just started targeting those aliases.  But either way,
   several of the semi-required and even a few of the RFC required
   aliases I have redirected to my mailbox have now become major
   targets for spammers, and account for the majority of my undetected

2) The command arguments probably could use a good way of allowing
   rc.conf to override the defaults specified, such as allowing the
   default user to be changed from "nobody" to a different value, such
   as "@GLOBAL".  Without this, the rc.d script can become host
   specific, which is far from optimal.  Perhaps what should be done
   is something like what is in the cupsd rc script, with variables
   constructs like:

              : ${spamass_milter_defuser:=nobody}
   Doing this would allow the per-server tweeks to remain in rc.conf
   where they belong.


- Doug

Douglas Wade Needham - KA8ZRT        UN*X Consultant & UW/BSD kernel programmer
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