Subject: Re: x11/kdelibs3 needs gawk
To: None <>
From: Mark Davies <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 02/27/2006 09:18:16
On Monday 27 February 2006 02:59, wrote:
> > > .if ${OPSYS} == "SunOS"
> > > USE_TOOLS+=             gawk:pkgsrc
> > > .endif

> > For some reason it failed to build and install gawk, I had to do it
> > manually...
> I mean it didn't even attempt to build gawk, so x11/kdelibs3 failed to
> build, since gawk was not available

Yeah,  kdelibs needs gawk on Solaris to handle the pkgsrc processing itself as 
the system awk can't handle (the length of) some of the lines that pkgsrc 
produces hence the above, but adding the above causes it to try and use gawk 
before its checked and handled the package dependency so if you don't already 
have the gawk package installed it craps out, if it is installed then it 
builds.  There is an open PR about this but I don't have any ideas for a fix.