Subject: More on Problems building gnome-vfs2
To: None <>
From: None <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 02/22/2006 13:42:27
Hi Again tech-pkg:

After further review of the logs, I found many other packages who's
configure scripts find msgfmt as /usr/bin/msgfmt and do not create a
buildlink script for msgfmt.

So I think the real question now is, why does the buildlink phase for
sysutils/gnome-vfs2 create
which calls a msgfmt it expects pkgsrc to provide, when it doesn't depend
gettext so that pkgsrc will provide it?

Seems that gnome-vfs2 should either:
create work/.buildlink/bin/msgfmt AND provide the dependency on gettext
not create work/.buildlink/bin/msgfmt AND NOT provide the dependency on

Creating work/.buildlink/bin/msgfmt but not depending on gettext is what
created the "no such file or directory"  msgfmt error I am hitting.

So, what is the right solution (and how/where do I implement it)?
1) add a dependency from gnome-vfs2 ---->  gettext
2) somehow get gnome-vfs2's buildlink phase to NOT create the msgfmt script

Any help will be greatly appreciated,