Subject: Re : Re: gnome going insane II
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From: None <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 02/17/2006 12:04:29
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De=3A segv=40netctl=2Enet
Date=3A Jeudi=2C F=E9vrier 16=2C 2006 2=3A54 pm
Objet=3A Re=3A gnome going insane II

=3E On Thu=2C 16 Feb 2006 14=3A17=3A54 +0100
=3E david aubril =3Cdavid=2Eaubril=40ac-nantes=2Efr=3E wrote=3A
=3E =

=3E =3E No=2E Doesn=27t work=2E
=3E =3E As soon as I log back as user=2C the shell and everything around=

=3E goes crazy=2E
=3E =3E =

=3E =

=3E Have you tried other desktop managers=3F Xfce4 is quite good=2E
=3E =

Well=2C =

1=B0) I=27d like to understand why it doesn=27t work=3B
2=B0) I like gnome=3B
3=B0) I am learning to use netbsd ( I was on fedora before )=3B I like t=
he os=2C and I want to have gnome and netbsd working !
4=B0) I am stubborn=2E