Subject: Re: Deer Park
To: Rhialto <>
From: Geert Hendrickx <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 02/12/2006 10:41:14
On Sun, Feb 12, 2006 at 12:53:49AM +0100, Rhialto wrote:
> 00:40 < Rhialto> Why does Firefox, when it starts, take me to a page 
>                  that claims "Note: The Deer Park build you are using is NOT A 
>                  FINAL OR PRE-RELEASE VERSION of Firefox, it has been made 
>                  available for testing purposes only, with no end-user support."
> 00:41 <@dfjoerg> mine doesn't
> 00:41 <@dfjoerg> Q4 or trunk/
> 00:41 <@dfjoerg> ?
> 00:41 < Rhialto> pkgsrc-2005Q4
> 00:41 < Rhialto> It claims to be Deer Park Alpha 1
> 00:42 -!- mode/#netbsd [+o Rhialto] by _8o86
> 00:42 <@Rhialto> it calls itself Deer Park everywhere, not a Firefox in sight
> 00:42 <@Rhialto> thanks _8o86 
> 00:43 <@dfjoerg> that's not a surprise
> 00:43 <@dfjoerg> we are not (yet) allowed to build with official branding by 
>                  defalt
> 00:43 <@dfjoerg> but the Alpha Part is strange
> 00:43 <@dfjoerg> ghen: listen
> 00:44 <@dfjoerg> Rhialto: complain to ghen@ or taya@ :-)
> 00:44 <@Rhialto> dfjoerg: but the previous one *was* calling itself firefox
> 00:44 <@_8o86> Rhialto: or drink instead
> 00:44 <@dfjoerg> 1.0?
> 00:44 <@Rhialto> 1.0.7 or so
> 00:44 <@dfjoerg> it was discussed before
> 00:44 <@dfjoerg> they made it an option IIRC
> 00:44 <@Rhialto> it is this page that I get to see: 
> 00:45 <@dfjoerg> strange, I didn't get that one with the HEAD version
> 00:45 <@dfjoerg> for me, it said I have the latest version

10:31 <@ghen> Rhialto:
10:31 <@ghen> dfjoerg:
10:32 <@ghen> Teh Mozilla Foundation wants to protect their trademarks for
              Firefox and Thunderbird
10:32 <@ghen> since their respective 1.5 releases (pkgsrc's Thunderbird is
              called "Mail/News Client" these days)
10:33 <@ghen> you can build an officially branded FF/TB yourself by
	      enabling the "official-mozilla-branding" pkgsrc option (see
10:34 <@ghen> end-users can build such a binary for themselves, but NetBSD
              is not allowed to redistribute them that way
10:34 <@ghen> that's why --enable-official-branding isn't enabled by
10:34 <@ghen> see for the
10:34 <@ghen> I'm talking to Teh Mozilla Foundation though.
10:35 <@_8o86> hehe
10:35 <@ghen> we have quite some patches in www/firefox/patches and
10:35 <@ghen> which have to be looked at, one by one, submitted to their
              bug report system, ...
10:36 < mlelstv> its time that someone builds the next browser
10:37 <@ghen> btw Deer Park or Firefox, they are functionaly *exactly* the
	      same, only the name and the logo are different (logo: blue
              globe with vs without the golden fox)
10:37 <@ghen> idem for Tbird