Subject: /x11/wxGTK is a wrong package, please do WxWidgets package instead
To: None <>
From: timofonic timofonic <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 02/12/2006 04:22:36

/x11/wxGTK is a wrong package, because there aren't packages per
support of each widget system in WxWidgets, but only options for
building the supported different ones (wxMSW/wxWin32/wxWinCE, wxX11,
wxGTK, wxMotif, wxNano-X, wxMicrowindows, wxMGL, wxCocoa, wxMac,
wxOS2). It can be harder to write a package per toolkit supported and
doing one instead with options for custom building, but I think pkgsrc
experts will know how to manage this problem in the package.

Best regards,