Subject: Re: pkglint -Wall
To: Iain Hibbert <>
From: Roland Illig <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 02/11/2006 22:02:18
Iain Hibbert wrote:
> I wonder if the message that 'pkglint -Wall' gives might be more clearly
> understood if either it just said 'use :Q you fool' as it does normally or
> if it used the escape word somewhere?

Hmm, this reminds me of a particular gcc warning:

     warning: assignment discards qualifiers from pointer target type

I had sent them a bug report because there was no hint on how to fix 
this warning properly. Not even the word ``const'' appeared in it. Now 
exactly the same happened to me. :)

I have changed the wording of the message to the following:

     WARN: Please use ${HEAD:Q} instead of ${HEAD}
           and make sure the variable appears outside of any quoting

If the variable already appears outside of any quoting characters, the 
last two lines from above are of course omitted. The warning text is 
pretty long, but I couldn't think of a shorter one that would be 
similarly exact. If you know one, please tell me.