Subject: ghostscript-afpl and hpijs
To: None <>
From: Steve O'Hara-Smith <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 02/11/2006 09:51:35

	I have a problem that I can workaround. My printer (HP DJ970Cxi)
only seems to work properly driven by ghostscript-afpl and hpijs. I recently
moved it from a FreeBSD box to a DragonFly box (and hence from ports to
pkgsrc) and got it working by installing ghostscript-afpl and then hpijs.

	While recompiling due to pkgsrc updates ghostscript-afpl would not
install because of a recorded conflict with hpijs. I got through the update
by deinstalling hpijs, installing ghostscript and reinstalling hpijs, which
works but it is a pain to have to do this.

	The thing is I've looked through the PLIST files and I can't see
any conflict between ghostscript-afpl and hpijs. The other ghostscripts
don't have a conflict with hpijs registered either (they just don't work
properly with my printer). Could this conflict be historical and no longer
valid ?

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