Subject: problem building firefox
To: None <>
From: Foo Bar <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 02/08/2006 19:57:42
I have a problem building pkgsrc/www/firefox, I am not sure
if this is a bug or if I'm doing something wrong.
Perhaps someone has some hints?

This is on 3.0 on a i386, pkgsrc updated yesterday.
The "unknown option" message here is because I tried a workaround
symlinking /usr/bin/install\ -> install.  Without the symlink the error
message is "cannot find install\".
Note the MOZ_INSTALL_LIB ... why/where is it set to its value?

First time i thought it was because I use zsh, but this time it was
run from /bin/sh with SHELL=3D/bin/sh and no referances to zsh in the

/usr/pkgsrc/www/firefox% sudo make install

[... approx 1 hour ...]

=3D=3D=3D> Installing for firefox-
/usr/bin/env HOME=3D"/usr/pkgsrc/www/firefox/work" MOZ_INSTALL_LIB=3D"/usr/=
bin/install\ -c\ -s\ -o\ root\ -g\ wheel\ -m\ 555" SUNOSLIB=3D"@comment " O=
BJECT_FMT=3DELF PLIST_SRC=3D/usr/pkgsrc/www/firefox/PLIST SED=3D/usr/bin/se=
d RM=3D/bin/rm EGREP=3D/usr/bin/egrep CHOWN=3D/usr/sbin/chown CHGRP=3D/usr/=
bin/chgrp CHMOD=3D/bin/chmod BINOWN=3Droot BINGRP=3Dwheel BINMODE=3D555 SET=
ENV=3D/usr/bin/env MOZILLA=3Dfirefox MOZILLA_BIN=3Dfirefox-bin SO_SUFFIX=3D=
so CC=3Dcc CFLAGS=3D-O2\ -I/usr/pkg/include\ -I/usr/include\ -I/usr/pkg/xor=
g/include\ -DGLX_GLXEXT_LEGACY\ -I/usr/pkg/include/freetype2 CPPFLAGS=3D-I/=
usr/pkg/include\ -I/usr/include\ -I/usr/pkg/xorg/include\ -DGLX_GLXEXT_LEGA=
CY\ -I/usr/pkg/include/freetype2 CXX=3Dc++ CXXFLAGS=3D-O2\ -I/usr/pkg/inclu=
de\ -I/usr/include\ -I/usr/pkg/xorg/include\ -DGLX_GLXEXT_LEGACY\ -I/usr/pk=
g/include/freetype2 COMPILER_RPATH_FLAG=3D-Wl,-R F77=3Df77 FC=3Df77 FFLAGS=
LC_NUMERIC=3DC LC_TIME=3DC LDFLAGS=3D-Wl,-R/usr/pkg/lib/firefox\ -L/usr/pkg=
/lib\ -Wl,-R/usr/pkg/lib\ -L/usr/lib\ -Wl,-R/usr/lib\ -L/usr/pkg/xorg/lib\ =
-Wl,-R/usr/pkg/xorg/lib LINKER_RPATH_FLAG=3D-R PATH=3D/usr/pkgsrc/www/firef=
users/tom/bin:/usr/pkg/bin:/usr/pkg/xorg/bin PREFIX=3D/usr/pkg PKG_SYSCONFD=
IR=3D/usr/pkg/etc _PKGSRCDIR=3D/usr/pkgsrc  CURDIR=3D/usr/pkgsrc/www/firefo=
x DEPENDS=3D\ jpeg\>=3D6bnb2:../../graphics/jpeg\ png\>=3D1.2.6nb1:../../gr=
aphics/png\ libIDL\>=3D0.8.6nb1:../../net/libIDL\ gtk2+\>=3D2.8.11nb1:../..=
/x11/gtk2\ cairo\>=3D1.0.2nb3:../../graphics/cairo\ Xft2\>=3D2.1.7nb2:../..=
/fonts/Xft2\ xorg-libs\>=3D6.9.0nb2:../../x11/xorg-libs DISTDIR=3D/usr/pkgs=
rc/distfiles FILESDIR=3D/usr/pkgsrc/www/firefox/../../www/mozilla/files LOC=
ALBASE=3D/usr/pkg PATCHDIR=3D/usr/pkgsrc/www/firefox/../../www/firefox/patc=
hes PKGSRCDIR=3D/usr/pkgsrc SCRIPTDIR=3D/usr/pkgsrc/www/firefox/scripts VIE=
WBASE=3D/usr/pkg WRKDIR=3D/usr/pkgsrc/www/firefox/work WRKSRC=3D/usr/pkgsrc=
/www/firefox/work/mozilla X11BASE=3D/usr/pkg/xorg BSD_INSTALL_PROGRAM=3D/us=
r/bin/install\ -c\ -s\ -o\ root\ -g\ wheel\ -m\ 555                 BSD_INS=
TALL_SCRIPT=3D/usr/bin/install\ -c\ -o\ root\ -g\ wheel\ -m\ 555           =
         BSD_INSTALL_LIB=3D/usr/bin/install\ -c\ -o\ root\ -g\ wheel\ -m\ 5=
55                      BSD_INSTALL_DATA=3D/usr/bin/install\ -c\ -o\ root\ =
-g\ wheel\ -m\ 644                      BSD_INSTALL_MAN=3D/usr/bin/install\=
 -c\ -o\ root\ -g\ wheel\ -m\ 444      BSD_INSTALL=3D/usr/bin/install      =
                       BSD_INSTALL_PROGRAM_DIR=3D/usr/bin/install\ -d\ -o\ =
root\ -g\ wheel\ -m\ 755      BSD_INSTALL_SCRIPT_DIR=3D/usr/bin/install\ -d=
\ -o\ root\ -g\ wheel\ -m\ 755                BSD_INSTALL_LIB_DIR=3D/usr/bi=
n/install\ -d\ -o\ root\ -g\ wheel\ -m\ 755           BSD_INSTALL_DATA_DIR=
=3D/usr/bin/install\ -d\ -o\ root\ -g\ wheel\ -m\ 755                 BSD_I=
NSTALL_MAN_DIR=3D/usr/bin/install\ -d\ -o\ root\ -g\ wheel\ -m\ 755        =
   BSD_INSTALL_GAME=3D/usr/bin/install\ -c\ -s\ -o\ root\ -g\ wheel\ -m\ 55=
5                         BSD_INSTALL_GAME_DATA=3D/usr/bin/install\ -c\ -o\=
 root\ -g\ wheel\ -m\ 644 WRAPPER_DEBUG=3D"yes" /bin/sh /usr/pkgsrc/www/fir=
install\: unknown option -- \
usage: install\ [-Ubcprs] [-M log] [-D dest] [-T tags] [-B suffix]
           [-a aftercmd] [-f flags] [-m mode] [-N dbdir] [-o owner] [-g gro=
           [-l linkflags] [-h hash] [-S stripflags] file1 file2
       install\ [-Ubcprs] [-M log] [-D dest] [-T tags] [-B suffix]
           [-a aftercmd] [-f flags] [-m mode] [-N dbdir] [-o owner] [-g gro=
           [-l linkflags] [-h hash] [-S stripflags] file1 ... fileN directo=
       install\ -d [-Up] [-M log] [-D dest] [-T tags] [-a aftercmd] [-m mod=
           [-N dbdir] [-o owner] [-g group] directory ...


---> fails, none of the shared objects get installed.