Subject: Re: the recent 'gettext ABI change' bump.
To: None <>
From: walt <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 02/06/2006 16:45:42 wrote:
> On Mon, Feb 06, 2006 at 04:27:09AM -0800, Tom Spindler wrote:
>> Why was the bump done so indiscrimately? I can't see why, say,
>> cdparanoia would depend on the gettext libs, or acpidump, or
>> firefox-bin-flash, or win32-codecs - the last two not depending on
>> any system libs at all!
> Because of a limitation of the tools at hand. Follow the producedure in
> revbump(1) and you get this results.
> The problem is that the index does recurse deeper than wanted, e.g. into
> gmake, which in turn adds a gettext-lib reference almost everywhere.
> This is a short coming that will be addressed.
>> If this is something that's needed for dragonfly, arguably that
>> should be handled by something specifically in the mk/ files, not
>> in every single pkgsrc file/directory.
> This is not about DragonFly, otherwise I would have carefully thought
> about a different option.

I'm sympathetic to package maintainers because I depend on all of
you to keep my machine running.  (Thank you!)

But this current disaster is one more example of why I argued against
abandoning the FBSD ports system before pkgsrc was ready for DFly.

I spent most of today trying to tiptoe around rebuilding my whole
DFly machine -- and I finally gave up in disgust and did pkg_chk -u.
It was the simplest way of deleting every package on the machine!

I know pkg_chk -u will fail while trying to update gnome, and will
leave me with almost no packages installed -- and ironically this
is what I was trying to do.  After that, I can start back at square
zero and re-install the gnome meta-package -- except for any package
which depends on anything relating to hardware, of course.

I'll need to edit all the Makefiles to eliminate libgtop2, and
cdparanoia, and nautilus-cd-burner, and etc, etc.  Just like I
did last week, and the week before that...

I always keep xfce4 installed in the (likely) event that gnome
is destroyed, but this time even xfce4 was wiped out.  Complete

I will no doubt start over tomorrow when I'm less disgusted, and
I will get everything working again.  But please listen to my
frustration, because pkgsrc will never succeed while this kind
of disaster lurks behind every update.