Subject: Re: which tools for pkgsrc on Mac OS X 10.4??
To: None <>
From: Emil Hessman <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 02/02/2006 09:36:32
Thus wrote Mark E. Perkins:

> 1) Which version of Apple's Xcode tools are you using?

   I'm currently using Xcode version 2.2;
      Xcode IDE: 655.0
      Xcode Core: 658.0
      ToolSupport: 651.0

> The latest is v2.2.1, but I'm curious whether anyone has had any
> issues with it.

   I've had some problems compiling things in pkgsrc with gcc 4.0. It
has been working pretty smoothly ever since I changed the default
compiler to gcc 3.3 with gcc_select(1), though.

> 2) Do you use Apple's X11 or build your X11 from pkgsrc?

   Apple's; it just works. Although I have never gotten around to
tamper with the X11 in pkgsrc.

      -- ceh