Subject: Re: nbpax broken on Solaris?
To: None <>
From: Christos Zoulas <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 01/31/2006 16:11:16
In article <>,
Urban Boquist  <> wrote:
>Is this a bug in "pax" from pkgsrc?
>$ pwd
>$ rm -rf foo bar
>$ mkdir foo bar
>$ pax -rw foo /proj/middleware/work/eurbboq/pkgsrc/bar
>pax: Cannot create directory `/proj/middleware' (Operation not applicable)
>$ type pax
>pax is hashed
>The problem seems to be that the destination is a full path where not
>all path components are writable by the user. Shouldn't pax handle that?
>This is with pax built from -current pkgsrc bootstrap on Solaris 9/sparc.
>It breaks the (unprivileged) build of libiconv for me, patch-ab runs
>pax with a full patch to the destination directory. If I change the
>destination to ".." it builds ok.
>Is anyone else seeing this?

What errno is "Operation not applicable". Is this path component automounted?
I don't see this errno listed in mkdir(2) in my solaris 2.8 man page.
Fixing this is trivial: just handle the errno in ar_subs.c:domkdir().