Subject: updating libXft2, libXrender, libXrandr, libXcursor, libXfixes, etc.
To: None <>
From: Jeremy C. Reed <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 01/30/2006 20:47:44
I mention on this list in November about updates for libXft2, libXrender, 
libXrandr, libXcursor, libXfixes, and related.

The xlibs project is dead. We have several packages that are from this old 
code base. This software is now maintained as part of the modular Xorg 

I packaged up some of it in pkgsrc-wip when it was a release candidate.

They use pkg-config to check for "x11" and other dependencies. Should the 
configure scripts be patched? Should we install dummy pkg-config files?

They use randrproto, fixesproto, and so on instead of randrext, fixesext, 
etc. Should we remove the old "ext" versions and use the new packages 

I have done most of the work but just need to do some updates. I have not 
tested in combination with XFree86 or much with monolithic Xorg yet 

I have not checked to see how projects that use XFree86 handle this. Most 
Linux distributions and Solaris flavours (as far as I know) have switched 
to Xorg.

By the way, the packages we have may strip the "lib" off the distname. 
But I'd like to use the official distname as the package name. Any 

 Jeremy C. Reed

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