Subject: Re: sparcpkg-3.0.iso available for testing
To: <>
From: Heitzso <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 01/17/2006 16:02:30
>>I downloaded and burned to a CD using a CD RW drive that
>>can generate a CD that my SS20 can usually read fine.
>>I'm attempting this install on my SS20 dual hypersparc 150
>>system w/ 512M RAM now.  During package install I'm getting
>>hundreds of
>>   soft error (corrected)
>Old Sun CD drives often have some problems burned CDs. I have an old drive
>that uses a caddy, and gets the soft errors. Otherwise, it install just fine,
>but slowly. :-)
misc.tgz was corrupted (not sure where in the pipeline)
but otherwise the install seemed to go fine. 

After rebooting the soft errors went away.
I've got the generic mp kernel in place but have
yet to reboot (waiting for pkgsrc unpacking to
finish and that takes awhile on these older systems).

Meanwhile busily getting servers rigged up, etc.